Basic Introduction

Ni Analytics India is one of the best Analytics training Institute in Bangalore. Analytics is considered as a process of obtaining optimal decision based on logics and data’s. It is the art and science of reading stories hidden in numbers. These empower consumers and businesses in making intelligent and better decisions.

How Analytics is applicable in our daily life?

  • Before buying your favorite products, you first go for a review instead.
  • Decision to buy a flat or a Car
  • Quarterly or yearly revenue forecasts
  • Customer profiling before a product launch
  • Used across verticals ranging from retail and financial services to clinical research and data management
  • Analytics is about studying data using statistical analysis in order to arrive at a conclusion and understand the rhythm of the pattern with an eye to predict and improve business performance.
  • Analytics has evolved with the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, warehouses, and a wide variety of other hardware and software tools and applications. However, it would be erroneous to limit analytics to only statistics and mathematics
  • Knowledge of analytics provides a significant source of competitive advantage for professionals in all industries and functions.

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