NI Analytics has been a Leading Training Partner to its Clients across the industry verticals, located in Bangalore. NI Analytics, the leading Knowledge center for Data Warehousing, Business Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions, and is known for its pioneering work in the field of imparting Business & Technology skilled Trainings. Our strong outreach in research oriented study has helped us continuously innovate and implement cutting-edge technologies that we deliver through our training Programs.

We enable leading organizations to empower their Analytics and MIS departments with our customized courses for better decision-making by making them well versed with various analytical tools and techniques across the organization.

NI Analytics provides training to professionals and corporate on SAS® and Data Management Activities.

Customized, Personalized Training

For Corporate training, you shouldn't settle for an inflexible cookie-cutter approach or inexperienced training consultants who specialize in "consultant speaks" or external staffing plans that defy logic. Corporate packages are entirely tailor made to suit a client’s training needs.

  • We focus exclusively on high-quality training for your corporation's needs.
  • We use performance-driven and proven training professionals.
  • We help manage unanticipated challenges.
  • We can deploy training resources across the country.